Clean Room Design


Who Should do this course ?

The course has been designed for professionals and users in the Pharma, Electronics and Health care etc who wish to enhance their Industry knowledge and professional capabilities in the design, construction and maintenance of Clean Rooms.

Why do this Course ?

  • Distinguish yourself from your peers, enhance your credibility with employers & Clients
  • Grow your industry Knowledge.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to improve yourself, your work product & industry.
  • Improve your options for being hired or promoted and to generate new business.

Course Content :

  • What is Clean Room? – Definition as per ISO Standards 14644-1 and Federal Standards 209 E.
  • Cause and Effect Diagram
  • Factors influencing site selection for Clean Rooms
  • Sources of contamination
  • Methods of controlling contamination
  • 4 important basics of Clean room
  • Clean room terminologies and glossary
  • Air flow pattern studies
  • Parameters for clean Room Design
  • Classification of Clean Rooms based on different parameters
  • Understanding a Clean Rooms
  • Types of filters used in Clean Rooms
  • Filter testing
  • Clean Room Air Velocities
  • Filter Coverage Guidelines
  • HVAC For Clean Rooms
  • Different standards and specifications
  • Human behavior in Clean Rooms
  • Protocol for entry in Clean Rooms
  • Building and maintaining of Clean Rooms
  • Housekeeping of Clean Rooms
  • Clean Rooms tests to be conducted
  • Certification of Clean Rooms
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