• Introduction to MEP, Basics of MEP, Introduction to Electrical Engineering.
  • Meeting the client’s needs, Understanding the codes and standards, Knowing the updates, Coordination with other services, Software’s complying to the codes, Briefing design reports.
  • Basics of Electrical, Fundamental theories of Electrical.
  • Circuit classification, Making circuits, Points and power in circuits.
  • Types of luminaries and lights, Selection of lights (Manual, CG lux, RELUX).
  • Fan selection.
  • Exhaust fan selection.
  • Load schedule, Phase distribution, Load distribution schedule.
  • Common area calculation.
  • Cables-Types of cables, Sheathing and armor, Cable sizing for all systems, Voltage drop calculations by BS, IS (Manual & Software).
  • Circuit protection conductor sizing.
  • Conduit types, Conduit routing, Conduit sizing.
  • Cable trunks, Cable tray types & sizing.
  • Circuit breaker types, Working, Rated current calculation, Breaking capacity (Short circuit analysis), Intentional time delay.
  • ELCB working & selection.
  • Transformer principles, working, types, capacity calculation, general guidelines.
    Capacitor bank, Principle, Benefits, Compensation requirement calculation, Capacitor bank cable & CB selection.
  • Bus Bar sizing.
  • Panel Selection.
  • Electrical parameters measuring devices, Selection and placement.
  • Earthing types and design.
  • Single line diagram.
  • Solar Panel system design, associated cables & protection devices.
  • CCTV system.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Backup systems-UPS design, Generator Sizing, ATS & MTS
  • Open area estimation.
  • Lightning arrestor concepts, Requirement analysis, Design.


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