Fire Fighting Services

Fire Fighting Systems:

One World Inc. is a company specialized in the integration of Fire Detection & Protection systems. We have the ability to design and build the best integrated system available on the market and the capability to produce systems specifically designed to meet the most stringent requirements. We integrate Fire detection, Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention Systems.

We specialize in Supply & Installation of Fire Fighting systems such as Fire Hydrants, Wet riser, Sprinklers, Fire Alarm, Public Address System, Smoke Detection System, Fire Retardants, Spill protection, Co2 flooding system for Residential Building & Commercial Building.

We design our systems based on Local NBC codes or International NFPA standards. We select the best combination of Detectors, FIRE alarms, Panel Boards ( Conventional and /or Addressable ), Sprinklers, Extinguishing agents and Safety equipments required to prevent your facility from any risk of Fire accident.

We offer services in

  1. Fire Hydrant, Wet / Dry Riser system
  2. Sprinkler Systems
  3. Fire detection & Fire Alarm system
  4. Public address system
  5. Smoke detection system
  6. Gas Suppression Systems
  7. Fire Extinguishers
  8. Flooding Systems
  9. Fire Pump set systems
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