Having started in the year 1994 as Techademy, Excel MEP Academy has been training Engineers and Diploma holders in acquiring technical skills in the field of MEP and helping them get jobs in various domestic and international companies.
Skills are important for every adult to function successfully in society today. These skills are equally valuable for all graduates, regardless of the level of their credential, whether they pursue a career path, or they pursue further education.
Having experience in training the Government & Private sector we understand the demand of the industry which is waiting with open arms for a trained and skilled man power. We are trying to bridge the gap between the Academics and the Industry. We build upon the existing knowledge which has been given to the Engineering & Diploma graduates and give them what is needed by the Industry.
The vocational learning can articulate a range of skills necessary for entry level positions in the heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning industry. Essential Employability Skills (EES) are skills that, regardless of a student’s program or discipline, are critical for success in the workplace, in day-to-day living, and for lifelong learning. The teaching and attainment of these EES for students, and graduates are anchored in a few fundamental assumptions:

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