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MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing. MEP services are most commonly used in Commercial buildings, Apartments, Buildings, Organizations, Etc. There is a requirement for the MEP services everywhere. If you are in search of MEP Training in Bangalore. “Excelmep” is the best institute for  MEP course in Bangalore. Our Institue is located in Bangalore with the top experienced teaching staff who can make you expert in MEP courses with their own teaching methods and they will only provide you the study material.  Our MEP course fee is best and affordable when compared to other institutes. We conduct both Theory and Practical classes and mainly we concentrate on Practical classes.



  • Introduction to MEP Course, Basics of MEP Training, Introduction to Electrical Engineering.
  • Meeting the client’s needs, Understanding the codes and standards, Knowing the updates, Coordination with other services, Software’s complying with the codes, Briefing design reports.
  • Basics of Electrical, Fundamental theories of Electrical.
  • Circuit classification, Making circuits, Points, and power in circuits.
  • Types of luminaries and lights, Selection of lights (Manual, CG lux, RELUX).
  • Fan selection.
  • Exhaust fan selection.
  • Load schedule, Phase distribution, Load distribution schedule.
  • Common area calculation.
  • Cables-Types of cables, Sheathing, and armor, Cable sizing for all systems, Voltage drop calculations by BS, IS (Manual & Software).
  • Circuit protection conductor sizing.
  • Conduit types, Conduit routing, Conduit sizing.
  • Cable trunks, Cable tray types & sizing.
  • Circuit breaker types, Working, Rated current calculation, Breaking capacity (Short circuit analysis), Intentional time delay.
  • ELCB working & selection.
  • Transformer principles, working, types, capacity calculation, general guidelines.
    Capacitor bank, Principle, Benefits, Compensation requirement calculation, Capacitor bank cable & CB selection.
  • Bus Bar sizing.
  • Panel Selection.
  • Electrical parameters measuring devices, Selection, and placement.
  • Earthing types and design.
  • Single line diagram.
  • Solar Panel system design, associated cables & protection devices.
  • CCTV system.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Backup systems-UPS design, Generator Sizing, ATS & MTS
  • Open area estimation.
  • Lightning arrestor concepts, Requirement analysis, Design.


Plumbing Design Syllabus

  • Introduction to Plumbing
    • Definition
    • History of Plumbing
    • Plumbing in India
    • Role of Sanity Engineer
    • Role of Plumbing Contractors
    • Role of Role of Plumbers
    • Maintenance
    • New Technology
    • Energy Conservation
    • Conventional and Advanced System
  • Aims and Objectives of Design
    • Introduction
    • Specialities in Services
    • Objectives
    • Drainage and Sewerage System
    • System Design
    • Achievement of Objectives
  • Plumbing Hydraulics
    • Introduction
    • Density
    • Viscosity
    • Atmospheric Pressure
    • Pressure
    • Static Head
    • Dynamic Head
    • Flow under Gravity Conditions
    • Flow under Pressure
    • Water Hammer
  • Plumbing Fixtures
    • Definition
    • Basic Requirements
    • Materials
    • Fixtures
    • Flushing Systems for Water Closets
    • Urinals
    • Water Consumption
    • Flush Valve
    • Electronic Flush Valve
    • Bed Pan Sinks
    • Bidets
    • Bath Tubs
    • Showers
    • Wash Basins
    • Supply Taps
    • Sinks
    • Other Fixtures
    • Videos on All the Fixtures
  • Formulas used in Plumbing
  • Mannings formula
  • Reynolds number
  • Darcy formula
  • Chevys formula
  • Hazen Williams formula


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