Plumbing (PHE) Services

Plumbing Systems / Public Health Engineering Systems


  • Our Professionals have wide experience in the field of PHE Systems. We undertake a detailed study of your application & ensure that the water distribution system meets optimum performance parameters and the functional requirements of the installation. Water requirement is calculated on the basis of occupancy and area served, to plan storage tanks of adequate capacity.
  • We design the water distribution for hot and cold water in accordance with zoning principle to ensure the availability of adequate residual head at user outlet. Pipe material is selected in accordance to the service temperature, pressure and quality of water. All necessary appurtenances such as pressure gauge, temperature gauge, auto air vent and isolation /control valves are provided for efficient monitoring and control of water flow.
  • Suitable Soil and waste disposal system is designed to ensure high standard of hygiene and reliability and to avoid exposure to occupants and unsanitary conditions. The two pipe drainage system is provided with anti-siphonage pipe to ensure high degree of safely and hygiene and to avoid foul smell entering the piping system and public areas through drains. Suitable Sewage treatment Plant is designed and proper utilization of Treated water is arrived.
  • We provide Designing and Drafting Services for Domestic Water Plumbing.
  • Proper rain water harvesting techniques are adopted to tap the natural rain water and to reduce the dependency on underground and treated water.
  • Pipe design and Layouts for New and Existing buildings.
  • Shop drawings and coordination of Plumbing drawings with other MEP services
  • Pumping systems are selected based upon the best efficiency on the duty curve and the quality of water being supplied. In case of piping design, fixture unit method is used in accordance to national NBC and/or international (ASPE/UPC) standards.
  • Equipment Schedule.
  • Demolition and existing plan drawings.
  • Landscaping is planned based on Sprinkler system or Drip irrigation method.
  • While designing layout out we keep in mind to ensure easy access and maintenance of all plumbing system.


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